FRANKENSTEIN 42" SPORT 250 Trike Rear end.

It is made from 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum, has Dana differential, 9" Ford Street / Strip axles with a bolt pattern of 5 studs on 4 bolt circle, wheel studs are - 20 (Ford car), weighs 108 pounds and is 42" wide, Machined finish with HHI 4 piston caliper and stainless steel rotor $ 4300.- 

One year, unlimited miles, from date of purchase.

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42" SPORT 250

Trike rear ends for bikes with stock rear tire size up to 250,
sprocket/pulley mounting surface is 5 1/4" from center.

EXTRA WIDE , 12" wide center. 42" wide for installation on 250 tire bikes.  We recommend using at least 7" wide rear wheels with 3 1/4" to 5 1/2" back spacing, with this rear end.
$ 4300.-



Add $ 400.- for anodized Rear End. (Gold, Blue, Burgundy, Green, Purple)

Add $ 300.- for anodized Rear End. (Black, Clear)


Add $ 450.- for Outboard Brakes.

If you have recently purchased a rear end and would like to upgrade to Outboard Brakes $ 520.-


Outboard Brakes shown mounted on rear end.