'04 Brad's 280 tire Streetfigther.

Description: Viking Rigid 280 / 300 tire Streetfighter Frame, 1 1/2" down, 1" back, 35 degree rake.

Built with Buell Front-end, Wheels, Brakes, Hand controls and Engine. Rear wheel was shipped to M-L Tuning in Germany and widened to 18" X 11" to fit the 280 X 18 Metzeler tire.

Engine is from a 1998 Buell White Lightning Road race bike " New Mexico Light Super Twins Champion" It has a S&S "knife edged" crank and ported Thunderstorm heads, it was dynoed at 106 HP on the rear wheel.

3.5 gal. RW / MCWORX gas tank, RW / MCWORX 13' rear fender, MCWORX / Mitch Bass seat, Powdercoat by Kirby Co, Polishing by Mike's Metal Polish, Paint by Coops Extreme, "Willie" Duncan and lettering by Dennis Shepard.

This bike was built for Jeff as his '04 Daytona bike to showcase our new 280 / 300 tire Streetfighter frame, and has since sold to Brad.
Hope Brad enjoys this as much as Jeff did.

Featured in: Hot Bike, American Iron, Hot Rod Bikes and the French magazine Freeway.