'02 Black XL Chopper


Drivetrain: 1995 Buell 1200 cc engine, American Aircooled cylinders, ported Thunderstorm heads,  Mikuni 42 mm  carb and modified Samson 2 1/4" pipes. 100 Horsepower at the rear wheel, and Frank rode this about 2000 miles on the Sturgis trip in 2002.  This bike was sold to another Kansan in 2003, and he has terrorized Big Twin owners ever since.

Chassis: Viking XL Chopper  frame, 40 degree rake, 8" up and 3" fwd. stretch.

Wheels: Rr. 8.5" X 18" 60 spoke,   Ft. 3"x21"  60 spoke. Both Chrome " Chopper Sixty's".

Tires: Rr. 240/40 X 18 Metzeler / Ft. 130/70 x 21" Metzeler.

Frontend: Wideglide single disc, MCWORX 5 degree raked triple trees,16" over tubes.

Accessories: Modified Jaffe gas tank, handle bars, seat, pipes and paint by Frank. Art work and pinstriping by Dennis Shepard. Upholstery by Mitch Bass. 1st. place Custom Sportster at Boardwalk Show, 3rd. place Radical Sportster at Ratshole Show, Bikeweek 2003 !

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