Ned's Chopper Trike

You can see Ned likes his vehicles black with flames.

Drivetrain: 88 Twin Cam A, Quicksilver  carbs, 3'' BDL open belt primary, Five speed Roadking trans, Rear Chain.

Chassis: Kenny Boyce Modified extensively by Motorcycle Works, 53 degree rake, 2" Fwd. stretch, 1"  up.

Wheels: Rr. 8"X20' DNA 100 spoke Radiallaced wheels, Ft.18"X 3.5" Hallcraft Radiallaced 80 spoke.

Tires: Rr. Nitto 245/40X20, Ft. Dunlop120/70X18''

Frontend: 50 mm Custom Speed, 26" over, 7 degree triple tree. Best Chopper Front-end in the World.

Accessories: Fenders, Gas tank and Battery Box by Owner, Paint by Tommy "Too much" Martin, Seat by Mitch Bass.

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