Bruce's FX Digger

Chassis: Viking 240 Jackshaft Frame, 1" up, 3" fwd, 46 degree rake.

Front-end: MCWORX 49 mm Chopper Fork with 7 degree Trees, 16" over.

Wheels & Tires: MCWORX Maltese Cross wheels with Metzeler tires.

Sheet metal: Russ Wernimont tank and fenders, modified by MCWORX.

Engine: H-D Evo 80" w. S&S Carb, Crane ignition and Samson pipes.

Transmission: Rev Tech Dyna 6 speed.

Primary drive: BDL 3" open primary, Belt drive.

Accessories: Foot controls, Handle bar risers, Points cover, Triple trees,
Triple tree nuts and Wheels are original MCWORX designs, all fabrication by MCWORX, paint by Coop's Custom Paint and  all machining by owner Bruce Harrison.

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