Frank's "Time Machine"
Chassis: Viking Rubbermount 280 Right Side Drive, 8" up, 3" fwd, 40 degree rake. This frame was built in 2001.

Front-end: Motorcycle Works one off "Jammer" style springer with round back  legs, 16" over.

Wheels & Tires: DNA "Chopper Eighty" 18" X 10.5" rear with 280 X 18 Metzeler, DNA "Chopper Sixty" 21" X 3" front with 120 X 21 Metzeler.

Sheet metal: Everything custom built by Frank.

Engine: 80" High Compression EVO with Exzotic Chopper Pans and S&S Two Throat Carburetor.

Transmission: Baker Right Side Drive 5 speed Dyna.

Primary drive: BDL 3" open belt drive.

Accessories: Thunder Heart fwd. controls, CCI hand controls, '59 Cadillac taillight, Mcworx Ripsaw Maltese rotors, Mcworx Maltese sprocket, Exhaust pipes by Frank.
Upholstery by Mitch Bass, Paint by Coops Custom Paint, Art work and gold leaf by Dennis Shepard.

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