Jon's Dyna Chopper

Chassis: Mcworx / Viking Dyna Chopper frame, rubber mounted drivetrain, 8" up, 4" fwd and 43 degree rake.  

Front-end: Custom Speed 50mm with 6 degree Triple tree and 18" over tubes.

Wheels & Tires: Mcworx "Hot Rod" wheels, 21" front and 18" X 8.5" Rear. Front MH 90 X 21 Avon Venom, Rear 250 X18 Avon Venom.

Sheet metal:  Modified Pat Kennedy gas tank. RW 11"  Rear fender and Diamond plate seat.

Engine: S & S 113" Competition Engine with 11.2 to 1 compression, S & S .630" lift cam and Super G carb.

Transmission: Transmission is Dyna style with Jim's close ratio gears.

Primary drive:  4" open primary with Barnett Scorpion clutch.

Accessories: Spyke 2.4 kw starter. Chain secondary drive with Exile Sprocket brake. OMP hand controls, Exile fwd. controls, Joker headlight, diamond plate seat, PM front caliper and modified Pat Kennedy gas tank.

Jon Shelly did a fantastic job building this bike, it is great to see what some people can turn one of our rolling chassis into.

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