'97 XL Streetfighter

Drivetrain: '74 Sportster engine, high compression, CV carb. on 30 degree intake.

Chassis: M/C Works Pro Street rigid XL frame, drag style, 37 degree rake. This was the first Streetfighter frame.

Wheels: Rr. 5x16 Akront / Ft. 2.5x19 Akront.

Tires: Rr. 200/60x16 Avon / Ft. 100/90x19 Avon.

Frontend: '78 Dual Disc Narrowglide.

Accessories: Custom made, oil tank, pipes, seat and rear sets. With pipes pointing up behind the seat and no fenders, people thought it was not street legal. Note turn signal in handlebar ends, and, yes we had a horn. This was Jeff's ride for a year.

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