'99 Thor's Hammer

Drivetrain: 89 cu. in. Delkron / S&S / H-D engine, H-D 5 speed trans. BDL 3 in. open primary, trans. and primary offset 1 in. to the left. Dual 40 mm Dellorto carb. Everything polished, cylinders and heads hexed and shaved, by Mike's Metal Polishing in Ransom KS.

Chassis: Chopper Guy's, Fat Guy Rigid, special order stretch and rake, 45 degree. Rear section modified by M/C Works to fit 230x15 Avon tire.

Wheels: Rr. 7x15 Dayton 100 spoke knockoff with M/C Works hub/ Ft. 2.15x19 Hallcraft 80 spoke. Both radial laced.

Tires: Rr. 230/60x15 Avon / Ft. 90/90x19 Michelin.

Frontend: 39 mm Midglide, Custom Speed 7 degree triple tree, 15 in. over tubes. 4 in. trail.

Accessories: Custom made, handlebars, 2.25 in. pipes, tank, seat, oil tank and rear fender. Kenny Boyce plastic gas tank. '59 Caddy taillight. Authentic Viking artwork by Dennis Shepard. Machining by Harrison Machine. Brass engraving by Jesse Lee.

- Won trip to "Motor Show, Essen Germany, Nov. '99" when it was shown at the Rat's Hole Show in Daytona, Bike Week '99.

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