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The "FRANKENSTEIN" Trike Rear end.

Frank Pedersen and Steinar Bergby " Frank and Stein " decided the world needed one more choice in Trike rear ends,
So they designed what may be the best looking, strongest, narrowest and lightest Trike rear end on the market, using only the best parts and materials, and made right here in the USA. All this, and it's one of the lowest priced of the Trike rear ends available.

It is made from 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum, has Dana differential, 9" Ford Street / Strip axles, bolt pattern is 5 on 4 1/2" (Ford car), weighs 90 pounds and is 30" wide, Machined finish with black Grimeca caliper and stainless steel rotor $ 3500.-  Color Anodizing available for an additional $440.- per Rear end. Call us for pricing and availability on Swingarms and Fender brackets.

Our Trike rear end has a Dana 30 open differential,  there must be a differential in any rear end used on the street to allow the outside wheel to turn faster when cornering. It pulls on both tires all the time unless you have one wheel on sand or a slick surface, then that tire would spin. It  isn't a positrac or limited slip, a positrac or limited slip has clutches inside the differential to limit wheel spin on one wheel, these are designed for the weight of a car and does not work well on a trike, it would have a tendency to push the trike straight in corners.
We had a 140 HP 145 ft.lbs. of torque 127 cu. in. engine in the Frankenstein trike, it would smoke both tires or if it hooked up, wheelie.
Since it does not have a driveshaft it has no tendencies to lift the right rear tire and spin it like a car without a positrac or limited slip differential.

FOR MORE INFO, CALL US,  Ph: 913-352-6788 or E- mail us at mcworx@ckt.net


$ 3500.-Add $ 440.- for anodized Rear End.

EXTRA WIDE CENTER, 34" wide for installation on 250 tire bikes.$ 4000.-

NEW! 38" wide Rear End for stock Harleys.$ 4100.-
Trike Swingarm for Harley Softail '87-'99 and 2000 up, raw $ 800.-
Powder coated black, add $ 100.-
Below, Swingarm and Rear end mounted in '87-'99 Softail frame.Mounting plates for Trike rear end 1/4" thick. $ 132.-

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Kickstand Tab, weld on, for '57 to '81 XL kickstand. $30.-
Max Offset Sprocket for Big Twin, 24 tooth, fit up to 170 tire. 3/4" offset. Also use on 5 speed Sportster and Buell. $120.-